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Spinal cord injuries, even one that seems mild at the time, can have serious long-term effects.

“A serious spinal injury isn’t always immediately obvious. If it isn’t recognized, more severe injury may occur,” says the Mayo Clinic’s article “Spinal Cord Injury”. The report goes on to list the many problems that can result, and get worse with time, from a spinal cord injury.

“This is serious,” said LA personal injury attorney Joshua Zokaeem. “Even the most minor damage to you spine can cause serious health issues years later. That is why if you suffer a spinal cord injury, you need to consult with an attorney who can help you plan for what comes next.”

Because a spinal cord injury carries a lifetime of issues, the person affected needs to plan for the rest of his life with that jury.

“Some of the things you need to be thinking about right now are: Long term medical care. Long term pain management. Long term income and possible inability to work. All these come with long term expenses that must be considered,” Mr. Zokaeem said.

If the injury was the result of an accident, the person responsible for the accident can be forced to provide that support. Mr. Zokaeem said he has worked cases with a one-time settlement and a structure settlement that covers many years.

“Regardless of how the matter is settled, what is important is that you are taken care of. Your pain and suffering are real and you deserve to be compensated for that,” he said.

The Capital Law Firm does not charge clients for work on spinal cord injury cases. Any payment to the law firm comes from the settlement. If Mr. Zokaeem and his staff do not win the case, they do not get paid.

“We believe you suffered enough. We will never charge you for our services in a spinal cord injury case,” he said.

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