SON Energy Solutions helps People to Minimise Power Costs

SON Energy Solutions
SON Energy Solutions offers reliable solar technology solutions in Perth for those aiming to minimise energy costs.

Perth, Western Australia – December 9, 2017 – In an era when electricity cost is skyrocketing, renewable energy has become all the more important. By offering efficient energy saving solutions in Perth, SON Energy Solutions helps their clients to maximise energy usage and save power costs in the process. Through the years, the service has developed, designed and delivered a portfolio of energy saving projects.

Keiron D’Arcy, General Manager of SON Energy Solutions explained, “SON Energy Solutions is the true leader in the Australian sustainable energy industry with an unparalleled track record in quality, safety and performance. Power saving technology continues to improve at a rapid rate and it can be difficult to keep track of the latest technological and engineering solutions that are available these days while dealing with the day to day demands of business.”

SON Energy Solutions provides reliable solar technology solutions in Perth, which includes turn-key solutions for on-grid and off-grid energy generation, energy saving and demand management applications. The company is constantly committed to setting a new standard in power saving. Their team is highly knowledgeable and experienced in offering unmatched customer service and delivers world-class power saving products and services.

“We analyse where energy is being used in your business, including motors, air conditioners, refrigeration, lighting and all other electrical equipment. We identify, promote and implement solutions that are clean, reliable and economically viable. Our business is focused on delivering products and services that suit all environments and conditions,” a spokesperson clarified.

Their product portfolio includes energy efficient lighting products that focus on energy savings & reduction in operating costs, efficient & cost effective solar solutions for business, government & industrial customers, solutions to reduce air conditioning & refrigeration costs by 15% to 54%, and Smart Drives that offer up to 75% energy savings off the assigned pump or motor.

An energy diagnosis will be first carried out by the experts, after which energy saving solutions will be provided for clients to reduce power consumption & bring down power costs. A testimonial of one of their clients, Dale Morrissey read, “Todd and his team were thoroughly professional throughout the installation and we are now working with them to look at other areas of energy saving within our facility.”

About SON Energy Solutions:

SON Energy Solutions offers turn-key solutions for on-grid and off-grid energy generation, energy saving and demand management applications.

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