The reality show film of “Shaolin, Wo Lai Le” is shooting successfully!

At 7:30 in the morning, the Mountain Gate of the Shaolin Temple monastery was open to welcome the reality show Shaolin, I comingThe star, director and main actors of the drama group prayed to the Buddha in queue. With the sound of Buddha, Shaolin monk group also neatly drill the red boxing, the mighty one, two finger zen Shaolin Kung Fu and other exquisite Shaolin Kung Fu. In the deep and shocking Zen Martial Culture, the Kung Fu reality show film of Shaolin, Wo Lai Le is entering in Shaolin!


In the reality show, Ou Lihao is screenwriter, the Hongkong Chen Shukai is general director (the director of Shanghai Tang in Zhou Runfa Edition), Liao Zhian is executive producer, Geng Xinglong and Ou Lihao are directors, Liang Xiaolong, Shi Yancen and Chen Chao are the action directors, Shangguan Bingbing acts as a producer, Liu Yuanquan, Liu Yuanzhong are publishers. The team hopes the Kung Fu reality show carry forward the Chinese traditional culture and the Chinese Kung Fu!

The training team of the reality show, Shaolin, Wo Lai Le takes helicopter to get to Shaolin. As the captain of the special assaulting team, our International Kung Fu Star Chen Zhen(Liang Xiaolong) wears a gown with white shoulder scarf, leading the warrior Ou lihao, Butterfly Fairy Shangguan Bingbing, the strong man Longwu, Russian action star Wuming, Thai boxing boy Zhang Kai, the handsome boy Duan Jiehan, the variable stylish man Fu Yichen, Kung Fu woman Ou Meixi, little child Liu Zhenhan, and the little girl Liuxin. They wear a team of costumes to play the role of different countries in different place and come down from the helicopter one by one. They play cool Kung Fu styles in the wind to appear in Shaolin. The training team of the ten person leaded by the captain Liang Xiaolong would study in the Shaolin Temper. They will enjoy learning the Zen Shaolin culture of ancient temper of thousand years, understanding the Zen martial arts culture of Shaolin in the learning link of the reality show, learning etiquette rules of Zen culture with Shaolin monks group, comprehending in meditation, experiencing vegetarian food and seeing the beauty of Shaolin. They will study and live with the monks in the ancient temper of thousand years. With the guidance of the little monks, they will study the real Shaolin Kong Fu. Through running in the Dharma Hole, worshiping their masters, training hard, examining in match, they will learn and experience the martial arts culture of Shaolin Zen and become the communication messenger of Shaolin Kung Fu. They will spread Chinese Kung Fu and traditional culture to more places in the world, further carrying forward the Chinese traditional martial arts culture and promoting the continuous inheritance and development of Chinese traditional martial arts!


The reality show Entering to Shaolin 1 Shaolin, Wo Lai Le  will be shown through the domestic frontline TV and the powerful TV media platform abroad, the cultural exchange activities of “the Belt and Road” and Chinese Kong Fu—the talent carrier with a masculine character to narrate the spirit of originality of “Chinese Kong Fu men and set up the example of “Chinese Kong Fu hero” who will never give up and break through himself. The show will tell the true story of Chinese Kong Fu Madame from a global perspective conveying the values of China’s dream and exhilarating the national spirit of the new era. The show will also reclaim the pride and dignity of Chinese Kung Fu and Chinese traditional culture, and make Chinese Kung Fu and traditional culture return to the mainstream popular culture in the contemporary era. From the perspective of eastern and Western culture of Kung Fu, we look for Chinese carrier of the globalization narration, and let more people in the world accept the Chinese traditional culture and Chinese Kung Fu, so as to realize the Chinese dream of Chinese cultural power.


The next reality show, the series of Entering the Wulin will set up the Kung Fu elements and cultural elements of the Chinese traditional martial arts through the combination of Kung Fu culture and entertainment elements. It is an innovative reality show program that carries forward the Chinese traditional culture and Chinese Kung Fu, creating a “Chinese Kungfu!” and “Chinese power.” The unstoppable and interesting reality show Entering the Wulin proposed the Kung Fu stars such as Liang Xiaolong, Zhen Zidan, Hong Jinbao and Li Lianjie as the leader of Kung Fu training team. They will lead the Kung Fu training team of ten person of young male and female actor with high appearance and Wushu enthusiasts. After Shaolin, they will learn and experience in Wudang, Emei, Huashan, Taishan, Tai Chi, Bagua, Xingyi, Wing Chun, Wu (Cai Lifo), North leg stamp foot and other Kung Fu schools. They will learn, experience and expose the miraculous traditional Chinese martial arts and Chinese traditional culture in joy. Through the fans’ effect of stars and the new media of TV network, more and more people will be fond of the traditional culture treasure of Chinese ancestors, Wushu culture. They will further promote the spreading of the Chinese traditional martial arts culture to the world!


“One time, Seas change into mulberry fields and mulberry fields into seas. One time, ten thousand crags and torrents. One leaf one Bodhi, one flower one world.” Through the reality show Shaolin, Wo Lai Le of Entering the Wulin, we will carry forward the positive energy of Chinese Kungfu and promote the National Fitness. We will lead the “Chinese Kung Fu fever” again. We will also let the Chinese traditional Wushu culture go into the community, primary and secondary schools, huge numbers of families in various provinces and cities of China. We will let the thought of fitting public and powering our country into the heart of every Chinese. Strong youth is strong in China! Realizing the Chinese dream through fitting public and powering our country! The dragon spirit let China proudly stand in the east of the world!

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