Classrooms are Managing Information with Digital Portfolio for Students

The education of students in the technology-filled world we live in is becoming a more difficult feat for teachers. The demand to attain and hold a student’s attention is proving challenging for teachers who are still educating with traditional methods. Those who are willing to adapt to new technological advances, including the digital portfolio platforms, can reap rewards of better student participation and more well-educated pupils. 

ClassDojo is one of the various education platforms that allows teachers, students, and parents to interact seamlessly all in one location. The concept behind these digital portfolio files is that students and parents alike can be held more accountable for student performance. In addition, students can feel more individualized learning with specific care taken by teachers to update a student’s specific portfolio. They can achieve real-time grading, study materials, collaboration with other students, and online tutoring sessions all in one place. 

One of the goals of the National Education Association is to help teachers better collaborate with students to increase the student’s knowledge. With digital portfolios, all teachers can be given the tools they need to increase student collaboration easily. These portfolios provide a community touch to a classroom that allows for a bond of safety for students to be able to push themselves to learn new materials. Each student is given their own secure space in which they can record notes, lessons, pictures, and videos. You can check here to see all the various items that students can add to their own digital portfolios. There are really tons of options that can let students personalize their own portfolio to fit their individuality. This also helps teachers to better understand their students on a deeper level. 

Teachers can drastically benefit from having digital portfolios for their students. Each portfolio allows a specific organized space for teachers to keep information regarding a certain student. They can deliver grades, provide after-hours tutoring sessions, read student submissions, and upload videos of student presentations, among many other tasks. This portfolio permits easy access for a teacher to collaborate with both the student and the student’s parents. Sharing a presentation with a student’s parent can be as easy as uploading a file to the digital portfolio. This allows parents to stay active in the learning process, which can help to improve student participation and overall learning retention.

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