Say It With AI: This New App Helps Learn A New Language In Just One Month

LOS ANGELES, USA – A groundbreaking language learning app pledges to make attaining proficiency in any language easy for all. Specifically designed to cater to the needs of the 3-10 year-old crowd, Zangu by AITeachU helps kids achieve conversational fluency in any chosen instructed language, in as little as one or two months.

Placing emphasis on laying a strong, error-free lingual foundation, Zangu aims to tackle the three most common issues faced by second language learners, namely “the inability to speak out, bad accents, and difficulties in hearing.”

Fledgling language speakers become accustomed and are prompted to speak in the language of instruction through “proper and constructive” interaction with the Zangu app, which mimics a real-world environment that is conducive to fast language acquisition.

Forgoing traditional, dated teaching techniques, the Zangu app provides a close simulation of the actual learning settings a native language speaker would encounter when being taught her own language. Without using a single letter, and focusing, instead, on heightening auditory perception, Zangu app users have shown dramatic improvement in pronunciation and enunciation, as well as in their listening skills.

While developed for kids, adults can too benefit from Zangu’s easy-to-follow, intuitive teaching, either to learn a new language themselves, or to keep up with one they are already familiar with, but have long to have make any practice of.

“Zangu sets a new frontier for language learning apps. Making the best of AI technology, Zangu has proven efficiency in helping app users feel comfortable in conversing in a new language in record time.” said Mrs. Julie M. Anderson, AITeachU’s media representative.

She continued, “Zangu makes an invaluable educational tool in school settings, as it can facilitate communication among teachers and students of different backgrounds – breaking the language barrier, and bringing people closer together. Multi-linguals have also shown great interest in the app, as it makes learning a second or third language feel both effortless and enjoyable.”

The app can be downloaded for free from the iTunes store, while it will soon become available for the Android and web platforms, too.

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