Baerclaw Productions Asks Companies If They Like What They See When They Look In The Mirror

In this era of 140 character tweets, 30 second elevator speeches and social media posts, it’s rare that companies have or take the time to step back and really look at what they do and what makes them special.

In this era of 140 character tweets, 30 second elevator speeches and social media posts, it’s rare that companies have or take the time to step back and really look at what they do and what makes them special. As Bill Baer, company president, nears the 20th anniversary of stepping out on his own and starting a video production company here in Phoenix, he decided that it was time to do an overhaul of his company’s website. While working with some great designers, the first step was to take a good long look in the mirror so that he could fully explain what Baerclaw Productions is, what they do and what makes them special.

“Our mantra at Baerclaw Productions is that we are ‘Your Resource For ALL Things Video’ and my goal was to show to all who visit our website why we believe that to be true,” explains Bill Baer when asked about the inspiration behind his company’s new website design. “After coming up with the basic design of the website, it was time to hunker down at my desk, close my office door and start writing to fully explain why Baerclaw Productions has been a trusted partner for the hundreds of clients that we have worked with over the years.”

Baer started by going back through a list of all of the projects that Baerclaw Productions has completed since 1997; and while daunting, it turned into a pretty awesome exercise. One of his original thoughts was to count all of the projects that the company had completed and he got to the point where the number was just too big and it became a number without any substance. So the company president shifted gears and started looking at 20 years’ worth of videos and projects to group them into unique categories. Baer ended up with eight categories including corporate videos, web videos, training videos, nonprofit videos, product launch videos, commercials & public service announcements, television programming and animation/green screen videos. Now he was adding some validation to Baerclaw’s mantra, but was far from being done. As he began assigning projects to each video production category, an unbelievable number of stories and memories started flowing from his fingers. Each project brought back memories of the great people that the company had worked with, the organizations that they had helped and the stories that they had been able to share using the power of video.

“We have just launched our new website,, and while it took months to complete, it was absolutely worth it. As I look at it in its’ entirety, it reinforces my belief that we have done amazing, creative work, had the opportunity to work with great clients and tell some amazing stories. I know that very few if any will go through each page and every word, but even at a glance, I hope that people will see that Baerclaw Productions truly is your resource for all things video!” Baer finished enthusiastically.

While Baerclaw Productions knows that everyone is  very busy-particularly this time of year-they hope that those who can find the time will take a good long look into their own business mirror. Baer and his dedicated team hope that companies across the nation like what they see. And if they don’t, there’s no time like the present to make a plan to change what they are seeing! Hopefully, companies across the nation will end up smiling as much as the dedicated team behind Baerclaw Productions!

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Baerclaw Productions is located at 15810 N Cave Creek Rd #3 in Phoenix, Arizona (85032). The production company can be reached by phone at 602-789-8396, by email at [email protected], or from their newly redesigned website,

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